One of the greatest gifts of a garden and from Nature is the healing power of flowers.  Flower essences, imbued with the gentle subtle energies of the flowers and Mother Earth, are a readily-accessible form of Nature’s healing potency. They are made from freshly harvested blossoms and the "active" element is the energetic imprint infused into pure water.

          Flower essences help harmonize a wide of range disturbing energy patterns and sustain emotional and physical well-being. For example, there are particular essences that help release fear, others relieve stress, or help foster harmonious relationships or a calm passage through major life changes. 



          Flower essences are easy to prepare. Beginning the process with a few moments of quiet or a simple meditation helps create a receptive state before working with the flowers. The energies of the flowers are captured in water by exposure to full sun in the garden or in the field where they are harvested. The day should be clear, sunny and calm.  Harvest the flowers in the morning. Fill a glass or crystal bowl with about two cups (500 ml) of pure water (no chlorine or fluorine). Snip the blooms from the plant and float them immediately in the water—avoid contact with your hand by allowing the flowers to drop directly into the water or carry them on a leaf. Use enough flowers to cover the surface of water. 

          The bowl should remain at the harvest site in full sun for three to four hours, or less if the blooms start to fade. When the flowers have transferred their healing potency to the water, remove the blossoms with a twig or stem of a plant. Mix the potentized water with an equal amount of brandy as a preservative. It is important to boil all glassware for 20 minutes prior to use. The source remedies are ultimately diluted two drops to 30 ml of brandy, a dilution of about 1:400. Combinations of three to six essences (two drops each in 30 ml) of several flowers can be useful in addressing a particular condition of un-ease. Generally 4 drops 4 times a day under the tongue is a standard dosage. The essences can also be sprayed in the mouth or in the environment.

          A number of flowers that grow well in the high desert have been well-described as flower essences. Chicory, Rock Rose (Helianthemum nummularium), and Mustard are Bach remedies. Chamisa, Cosmos, Dandelion, Echinacea, Evening Primrose (Oenothera hookeri), Manzanita, Mullein, Nasturtium and Yarrow are just a few that have also been used extensively to make flower essences, each addressing a specific state of un-ease.