About Susan Waterman

Susan Waterman, proprietor, Harvest-by-Hand, shares 25 years of experience in organic gardening and sustainable agriculture. Her life-long fascination with plants led Susan to earn a MS degree in Biology and a PhD in Botany. For several years she was a research scientist in agricultural biotechnology. Susan left academia to assist farmers with practicing sustainable organic agriculture. She also owned and managed a farm in southern Wisconsin, which was the home of over 300 Angora goats and sheep. She received two state agricultural development grants to support her innovative work in alternative agriculture and niche marketing.


From 1996-2004 Susan lived in Maharastra, India. She studied Eastern philosophy and traditional farming practices of the region. Susan helped train young people of the Tansa Valley to manage assisted food, health and nutrition programs for their rural communities and the local adivasi tribals. She also studied and practiced organic gardening with over 100 Indian gardeners in extensive community gardens of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.



Susan’s interest in using plants for wellness began in India. She produced and practiced with flower essences and also studied vibrational healing, aromatherapy and herbs. Currently she offers flower essences and vibrational healing to help people feel comfortable with themselves and comfortable with others and to sustain physical and emotional well-being.



Susan created Harvest-By-Hand in 2008 to pursue her vision of food autonomy for northern New Mexico communities. For over three years she has been the garden writer for GreenFire Times, a monthly newspaper with a readership of 25,000. Her current emphasis is education in organic growing and the use of plants for personal and planetary wellness. She offers workshops on organic gardening practices. You can email susan at susan@harvestbyhand.com.